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About me

My current projects:

  • Supporting a team, as Chair of the PDA Society, to raise awareness of Pathological Demand Avoidance and make a difference by focussing on research and 'what helps'. 

  • Developing ways to improve the work of professionals as they seek to understand the needs of others; with a focus on challenging the approach to Fabricated and Induced Illness.

  • Developing ways to improve the lives of children in care - or 'looked-after children'; in Assessment and Treatment Units; and adults trying to access good social care. Supporting those seeking proper consideration of neurodevelopmental conditions.

  • Developing a model community to provide a place for family and friends to live together with positive opportunities to enhance well-being through wider community involvement and enhancement of the natural world.

I was co-founder of Netmums and a Director for 14 years. During that time we found new ways to support parents and ensure their voices were heard by Government.


As the Founding Chair of the Institute of Health Visiting I have seen the importance of positive, professional leadership in an essential profession.

Based on personal experiences, I have an interest in developing insights and finding new ways to support people.


I hope that some elements make a contribution to helping  professionals work more effectively, through use of both local and digital communities.

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