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PDA and Professionals

Pathological Demand Avoidance was described as a condition relatively recently, and while schools and parents are recognising children with the distinct set of characteristics, clinicians have correctly been awaiting more detailed research evidence. Separating out individuals from others with Autism is important as the nature of the support that they need is in some respects very different.

This survey for the PDA Society identified the views of professionals working with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It was found that the latest research hasn't always filtered through and a significant number of those who felt their knowledge was good failed to identify management techniques.

Professionals felt that key barriers were lack of recognition of PDA nationally and amongst local colleagues. It highlights the need for further work to raise awareness of this form of Autism, but it was encouraging that the move towards profiling of an individual's specific difficulties is allowing for better support for these young people.

It is hoped that the revised PDA Society Reference Guide for Practitioners will be helpful in providing a solid base for those working with Autism.

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